Q: Where can a Little Dig be placed?

A: A Little Dig on wheels is considered a Recreational Vehicle (RV), so you can put it wherever you would put an RV, whereas a Little Dig on a permanent foundation is governed by local building code.

Q: Is Little Digs RVIA certified?

A: Yes we are!

Q: How do I hookup water and electricity with a Little Dig on wheels?

A: We provide multiple options for hookups for both electricity and water. All of our units come with standard RV plugs and water inlets. However, we can also provide options for solar and generator power and water recapture systems, which allow for partial or complete off-grid application.

Q: How energy efficient are Little Digs?

A: All Little Digs are insulated with closed cell foam insulation in all exterior facing surfaces (walls, roof and floor). In addition, Little Digs are built using Zip System sheathing on walls and roof structures. Where practical, LED lighting and Point of Use water heaters are used. All this combined make for an extremely energy efficient home, ensuring your electric bill stays at a minimum.

Q: Do you provide financing?

A: Yes. Since our Little Digs on wheels are RVIA certified, RV financing is available through local banks and credit unions, as well as some national lenders like Tiny House Lending (TinyHouseLending.com).

Q: Do you deliver Little Digs?

A: Yes. We deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States. Delivery cost is based on the length and weight of your Little Dig and the distance from the build site. Delivery cost generally runs between $1.50 and $3.50 per mile.

Q: Can Little Digs be insured?

A: Yes, and because Little Digs on wheels are RVIA certified, it will be easier to obtain insurance and you will get better rates. Little Digs on wheels will require RV or trailer insurance. Little Digs on permanent foundations, depending on location, will be insured more like a traditional home.

Q: How do I purchase a Little Dig?

A: Custom Designs – 25% of a projected cost is paid prior to beginning design work. This deposit is non-refundable. Once design work is complete, any necessary adjustments to the initial deposit will be made and your Little Dig will be placed in the production schedule. Prior to beginning your build, an additional 50% deposit is made. We require this amount of deposit because we purchase all necessary materials early in the process to ensure an efficient build. Upon completion, the final 25% will be paid.

Stock Designs – Upon execution of an agreement to build your Little Dig, we will take a 25% deposit to secure your place in the production schedule. Prior to beginning your build, an additional 50% deposit is made. We require this amount of deposit because we purchase all necessary materials early in the process to ensure an efficient build. Upon completion, the final 25% will be paid.

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