• Lake Getaway
  • Hunter's Cabin
  • In-Law Suite
  • Crew Barrack
  • Contractor Office
  • College Student Apartment
  • And much, much more...
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Little Digs

These days many people are looking for a way to lead a greener lifestyle and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Little Digs are cheaper to heat, cool, furnish and maintain, while still being stylish and practical. Little Digs buildings can range from as little as a tiny 84 square feet, on up to around 450 sq. feet. At an average of 300 square feet, though, it is an economical and sustainable choice for home ownership.

Most Little Digs have a well thought out floor plan; a main living space on one floor with a small, but efficient bathroom with a loft style bedroom above. Creative ingenuity in the design, takes advantage of wall space and built-in cupboards to maximize storage potential. Many Little Digs buildings also have an outdoor deck or porch attached and some are even portable. Since usable space is a priority in the design of these homes, many Little Digs buildings are customized to the needs of its owner, and can be built in a variety of different materials, including those that are eco-friendly. Since usable space is a priority in the design of these homes, many factors are taken into consideration before the design process gets started. The occupants, their daily routines, and any special needs are factored in for maximum comfort. Many plans are available to choose from, with an ever-increasing number of architectural styles for to match any lifestyle.

Home decor and personal style does not need to be sacrificed. Smaller furniture and tailored down accents can add a minimalist approach to styling a smaller home. Bold choices can still be made, but with accent pieces rather than heavy pieces of furniture or large paintings. Smaller scale rugs, throw pillows, and frames make for a grand impression in even the smallest spaces.
Little Digs can fit in with most lifestyles, budgets and can be a viable option for greener living.


Your local provider of all things Little Digs. From mobile tiny homes, to permanent tiny homes and container homes we can build to meet your needs. We have many difference options for these uses and more:

• Lake Getaway
• Hunter’s Cabin
• In-Law Suite
• Contractor Office or Crew Barrack
• College Student Apartment Talk to one of our representatives to
get your Little Dig on its way.

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